Our GOVERNANCE – Simexgroup
By - Donnel Albores


We take our responsibilities seriously as corporate citizens over and above compliance with the rule of law. We believe that beyond our business objectives, we must also do our share in nation building through programs in corporate social responsibility that help develop individuals, communities, and the country as a whole.

By - Donnel Albores


At SIMEX Group we comprehend that leaders today need to manage a whole range of issues in increasingly complex situations. These challenges can only be met by empowering people at all levels of the organization to make decisions and to take action, within the framework of a shared vision and shared corporate culture of novelty, accountability, and liability.

By - Donnel Albores


Existence held responsible for all its actions and doing the right thing has put SIMEX Group to an impressive position of trust among its patrons. Integrity starts with individuals, the kind of individuals we engage at SIMEX Group, our individual ethics are perpetuated and reinforced by our corporate culture.