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Welcome to Dar Al Naseej, where you discover the finest mattresses, in Qatar. We have the prime selection of beds that we produce and a vast assortment of mattress accessories, featuring our own products and durable materials.

Covered with amazing design and colors that offer a night comfort guarantee, assuring you that the mattresses you purchase will bring years of quality.

Dar Al Naseej brings the best mattress values and quality of customer service; choices of foams to enhance pressure relief. This great support and excellent pressure relief come with the best price ever on this kind of quality.

In 2017 Dar Al Naseej merged with Doha Linens a manufacturing company that specializes in producing comforters, pillows, cushions, quilts, and bedspreads in the array of classical and trendy colors, textures and shapes that caters to different taste. The said merging is to give more of their service to the mattress and bedding industry

With the said merging, the distribution of products becomes stronger through a combined network of authorized retailers which includes most of the major department stores, as well as regional chains and independent furniture and mattress stores. Dar Al Naseej is in a position to deliver on their corporate goal of delivering high-quality mattresses and considers onward on sustaining and improving on these high standards for more years to come.


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Factory Address

Building 339, Gate 81 Street No. 29, New Industrial Area, Qatar
+974 4444 9891
+974 4477 5088

Location Map