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Build by the manufacturing perfection of drinking water, linens, and mattresses. Over 5 years of each operation that produces high-quality products and an enthusiasm of our people that drives to their own craft.

United Foodstuff Factory

Water has always been essential to the human in every way and its necessities. The safe drinking water is a vital concern in the region and the demand of the product remains emphasized dramatically up to date.

Dar Al Naseej

Welcome to Dar Al Naseej, where you can discover the finest mattresses made in Qatar. We produce a prime selection of beds and a vast assortment of mattress accessories, featuring our own products and durable materials.

Doha Linens

Doha Linens has become a top quality manufacturer that produces the best product and range of choices, with the complete team of producers and engineers to quality control team to produce a perfect result as possible.