Why Simex Group – Simexgroup

Why SIMEX Group?

Being a trading company, one should deliver a statement of distinction. And that’s what SIMEX Group is great at; SIMEX Group also symbolizes the values that it has to lead its development and sustainability throughout the years. As a corporate house, SIMEX Group conveys a multitude of brands that bear one another, likewise leaving a mark unto their patrons.
SIMEX Group is an array of brands under one home that is distinct in and a prevailing reputation that each brand is positioned well thru its products and services. SIMEX Group treats all of its brands equally - designed to satisfy, meant to be shared, and destined to hold its value for each of our customers.

Our Governance


To ensure long-term profitability, increase the brand value of product and services, provide career opportunities, and create synergies as we build mutually beneficial partnerships and alliances with those who share our philosophy and values. With entrepreneurial strength, we continue to create a future that nurtures to the realization of our business endeavors and personal aspirations.


Substantial to the future is our corporate citizens whom we respect for their integrity, reward for their intelligent risk-taking and support in their willpower to make things occur. Through them, we seek to find a future where innovation succeeds and where all our business practices make a positive contribution to the social, economic and environmental development of the communities we serve.